About Radioactive Tuna

Caution! Dangerous Radioactive Tuna and other Radioactive Fish might be lurking in your own house right now!

This is NOT a Drill! This is a DIRE WARNING!

Naysayers BEWARE! The evidence is all here in one place. Checkmate!

Mainstream Media is lying & trying to calm you. We provide real facts, videos & articles from real scientists that care about your safety!


Our primary mission is to inform the public about the crisis & coverup in the Tuna Industry regarding the Nuclear Disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant in Ōkuma Fukushima, Japan on March 11, 2011. We contain no ads and don’t make a single cent doing this for you. It is a labor of LOVE. Love for the Human Race.

News Articles state that most of the Tuna caught in the USA & Japan has tested positive for radiation that originated from Fukushima. Radioactive Tuna Fish is being shipped world wide, even to your Children’s School. Some news organizations are lying to the public and telling them it is ok and safe to eat. Many of these corporate sources are fishy, have not done their homework, likely have financial interests for not reporting the truth, and do not even link to the original scientific articles that they write about.

We aim to bring you the truth about Radioactive Tuna. We will bring all the data we find to the attention of the People of the world so that they may make their own informed decision to eat Radioactive Tuna Fish and Radioactive Seafood or not.

Here at RadioactiveTuna.com, we represent the Public.

The Public has a right to know what’s in their seafood!

The Public is speaking, just not loud enough to stop TEPCO & a Global Radioactive Fallout Catastrophe!

There have been tests done that show 100% of Tuna Fish Caught in some areas all have Radiation in them. They have been contaminated by the radiation released into the waters of Japan since the accident and at the time of this update, Jan. 22nd, 2014 the radiation spill is still ongoing and spilling radioactive water into the sea every day. Some scientists have even gone on record by saying that it is in an uncontainable state and the nuclear fuel has moved into the earth already. Despite all this, there is still no international aid being sent to Japan.

Have we entered the age of the “China Syndrome”? Some say we have.  Have we passed the point of no return? Will this end our use of nuclear power? How much radioactive matter escaped Fukushima? Will the Radioactive Tuna ever be safe to eat again? Are all fish radioactive and unsafe to eat now? All these questions remain unanswered.

Still don’t believe it? In fact, believe it or not, in Maine this January, there is was a bill on the table to protect Maine’s Tribal Members from being sold radiation contaminated seafood. LR: 2267 An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Radiation-poisoned Seafood to Maine’s Tribal Members.

UPDATE! LR: 2267 FAILED in Maine! You are Officially Not Allowed to know if your seafood is contaminated just like the rest of us. Sorry Representative Bear of the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians. You must eat poison unknowingly like the rest of us serfs. It’s sad but true and here is the evidence to back it up! 



Now I ask the public one question. Why not protect all Maine’s Citizens from safe seafood? Why not protect the whole population, let alone the whole world? I highly suggest you take the time right now to call your local  representatives and ask them if they are planning on protecting you too! Ask them if they are actively testing the Tuna and other seafood in your city/state.

Anyways, enough ranting. This site is to inform the public. To protect my Family. To protect your Family and to help spread the word about Radioactive Tuna. Do not eat it whatever you do, not without being informed first by thoroughly reading our website and following the links provided.

There will be more information released so check back often for new articles, research and studies of the impact Fukushima Radiation will have on the Tuna industry in the near future.

Radioactive Tuna Sushi

Radioactive Tuna Sushi courtesy of March Against Monsanto on Facebook Jan 31, 2014. Thanks for sharing & caring #MAM! *Even Veggie Sushi Might Contain Radioactive Seaweed*

Join us in taking a stand and Boycott Tuna Fish until they take Fukushima & the Publics Safety seriously by throwing out TEPCO & bringing in Multinational Government assistance!!! A Boycott of Tuna Fish could actually save the Human Race if it stops the worst case scenario at Fukushima so…. Let’s do it!

You know what to do People of the Internet sooooo… help me out and do your thing!!! #BoycottTuna #RadioactiveTuna are yours to trend. Please help me help you by doing your part. It only takes a second to share!

Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter so you’ll always know when Radioactive Tuna might be in the seafood department near you! Stay safe out there People and protect your loved ones by sharing this page! It’s run by one poor guy who doesn’t say someone should do something, he just does it. For all of us. Waking you up to their silence. Protecting your family & mine, because someone should do something… right? Well here I am.


Radioactive Tuna Sandwich

Nobody wants a Radioactive Tuna Sandwich

“Warning, Do not eat me for I am FukuTuna and I am tough to chew, hard to swallow and impossible to spit out!” ~ Mr. FukuTuna & Family ~ Founders of RadioactiveTuna.com and protectors of the Human Race. We self fund & run this website with ZERO ads for all Humans.